Details of the incident involving four children and a settler in Silwan
August 10, 2017

Four Jerusalemite children were injured on Thursday night with multiple wounds and bruises during an accident with a setter in Al-Ein Street in Silwan.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the children are: Hamzeh Tayseer Abu Sbeih (6), Yousef Mazen Rumman (9), Amir Tayseer Abu Sbeih (9) and Anas Haymooni (11).

The center added that Yousef broke his tooth, Amir was injured with a deep cut in his knee and needs stitches while the other children suffered several wounds and bruises.

Regarding the incident, the children said that the settler who is a resident of Silwan was driving his pick-up truck. They rode in the back as they were heading to the grocery store that is only meters away from their homes. The settler was driving at a high speed and the children were knocking on the back window trying to get him to stop upon arrival to the grocery store but he didn’t; they were forced to jump.

They added that they were scared from being kidnapped or taken far away from their homes which is why they jumped.

The children’s families explained that their sons were injured after jumping from the vehicle. A Special Forces unit was in the area and witnessed the accident but did not act. The locals called the Red Crescent ambulance and the children were transferred to Hadassah hospital.

They added that the police did not come to the hospital to investigate the incident. The families called the police but they asked them to head to the police station to file a claim. The police said that the settler came to the police station and informed them about the incident.

Mazen Rumman, Yousef’s father, said: “There was a suspicion of a kidnapping attempt, because the boys were not allowed to ride with him, and they were urging him to stop but he did not.”