The occupation forces evict Shamasneh family from their house in favor of the settlers
September 5, 2017

The occupation forces evicted on Tuesday early morning Shamasneh family from their house in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem in favor of the settlers and displaced 8 individuals from their home where they have lived for 53 years.

Shamasneh family explained that the forces raided their house in the early morning and evicted them by force. Ayoub Shamasneh (85) was evicted while carried on a chair and his wife Fahmiya (76) and their son Mohammad and his family of 5 individuals were also evicted.

The family added that their lawyer obtained an order last week to postpone the eviction for one week but the settlers objected and seized the property.

The forces prevented the family members from being near the house and also prevented the establishment of a tent near the house.

The family also added that the forces along with workers emptied the house and seized all items in a private truck. They also seized Palestinian flags and banners hung around the house.