Arrests in the village of Al-Tur and Shu’fat Refugee Camp
September 6, 2017

The occupation forces arrested on Wednesday early morning four Jerusalemites from the village of Al-Tur east of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Witnesses explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation forces and intelligence personnel raided the village of Al-Tur and stormed into several houses and arrested 4 young men.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli forces arrested Abdullah Bassam Abu Ghannam (18), Emad Khaled Abu Ghannam (17), Tarek Mahmoud Alami and his brother Kamal.

In a related matter, clashes broke out between young men and occupation forces in Shu’far Refugee Camp after the forces raided the refugee camp.

Thaer Fasfoos, Fateh spokesman in the refugee camp, explained that the forces raided the camp resulting in clashes that lasted for nearly two hours during which they raided the house of Mohammad Abu Taleb, searched it and arrested him.

Fasfoos pointed out that violent clashes broke out on Tuesday afternoon in the refugee camp, and the forces arrested four children; one was injured with a rubber bullet in his head.