Arrests in Shu’fat Refugee Camp
October 3, 2017

The occupation forces raided on Tuesday early morning Shu’fat Refugee Camp, stormed into locals’ houses and executed a series of arrests against young men from the Refugee Camp.  

Local sources in the camp explained that occupation forces and intelligence personnel raided the camp and stormed into several houses, searched them and damaged some of the contents. They arrested 6 young men and handed requests for interrogation to several young men and children.

 The sources also added that the forces arrested freed prisoner Khader Dibs, Odai Dabet, Sa’eed Dabet, Tahseen Rajabi and Elias Rajabi.

Clashes broke out in the refugee camp after the raid.

Local sources also explained that an 11-year old child was injured by a rubber bullet above his eye and was transferred to the hospital for treatment. Also, an elderly man was also injured by a rubber bullet in his face and was treated on field.