Occupation authorities turn the house of the child Bilal Ghateet into a prison through an electronic bracelet
October 11, 2017

The Israeli occupation turned the life of Bilal Khalil Ghateet (14) into a prison after imposing house-arrest on him on condition of placing an electronic bracelet on his ankle until completing the legal procedures against him.

Bilal described his life as “tough and boring”. Since last April, he hasn’t been free and did not practice his life normally. He was banned from going to school, visiting relatives or even stepping outside his house. According to the releasing conditions, one of his parents should be with him at the house at all times.

Khalil Ghateet explained that his son was arrested last April after the occupation forces raided the family house in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem. After conducting several hearing sessions, an indictment was filed against him at the District Court including charges of making weapons and throwing a Molotov cocktail towards a settlement outpost in Sheikh Jarrah. In May, he was released on condition of house-arrest and placing an electronic bracelet on his ankle that is also connected to a wireless device with the police.

Ghateet added that his son is not allowed to leave the house unless he is heading to a court or meeting his “conduct officer” at a specific time. The court refused several times to allow him to go to school. Ghateet point out that his son was in 9th grade when he was arrested and could not finish the school-year.

Ghateet also added that anytime his son requires medical treatment, they have to call an Israeli ambulance to transfer him to the hospital only and they should immediately inform the police.

Ghateet explained that he is paying 180 NIS for the “electronic bracelet and the attached device” every month. In case anything goes wrong with the device or even the power, the police quickly raid the house to confirm Bilal is wearing the bracelet and to find out the reason of the malfunction even if it occurs in the early morning hours.

Ghateet pointed out to the day his son was arrested, and said: “On the day he was arrested, large Israeli forces raided the house and entered Bilal’s room without allowing his mother to wake him up. They started assaulting and severely beating him while asleep. When his brother tried to interfere, he was also arrested and severely beaten. Bilal lost consciousness and suffered extreme fatigue on that day.”