Pictures: Abusing a Jerusalemite child while detaining him at “Al-Maskobyeh” center
October 15, 2017

The occupation police released on Sunday night the Jerusalemite child Mohammad Abdel Ra’ouf Mahmoud after detaining him for three days on suspicious of throwing stones and Molotov Cocktails in the village of Esawyeh.

The child explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that he was subject to assault and abuse while detained at Al-Maskobyeh center. He said: “After the hearing session ended on Friday where they extended my arrest, I tried to bring-in cigarettes with me but the soldier refused and pulled me from my shirt before assaulting and severely beating me.”

Mahmoud added: “The guards of Al-Maskobyeh transferred me to the waiting room and I was there by myself. The soldier came in and started hitting me again especially on my face and face. He punched me and kicked me with his legs. When I got hit in my eye, I lost consciousness and they tried to wake me up with water but to no avail.”

Mahmoud said that an ambulance was called and transferred him to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital for treatment before he was sent back to Al-Maskobyeh.

Mahmoud pointed out that he was arrested on Thursday night after being attacked in one of the streets of the village of Esawyeh. He was presented to court on Friday morning and the judge extended his arrest until Sunday.