Pictures: The occupation authorities demolish two homes in Silwan and displace 9 individuals
October 17, 2017

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday two houses in the neighborhood of Wad Yasool in Silwan under the pretext of building without a permit.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the occupation’s bulldozers raided the neighborhood of Wad Yasool, Hosh Abu Tayeh in Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan along with municipality’s employees and demolished two houses owned by Abu Rajab family while the family of Abu Tayeh was able to postpone the demolition of their home after obtaining a court order.

The center added that the bulldozers demolished the houses of Omar Abu Rajab and his son Ra’ed. They explained that the bulldozers and municipality employees raided the two homes after completely surrounding them. They evicted the residents, emptied some of the contents before proceeding with the demolition process.

They also added that the demolition was executed despite the fact that the judge has not yet made a decision regarding the appeal submitted by the family’s lawyer. They had an order from the judge to postpone the demolition but the municipality crew refused it and proceeded with the demolition.

Omar Abu Rajab explained that the two houses were built nearly 14 months ago while the municipality handed the family the demolition orders last April. Since then, the demolition was postponed several times and a session was recently held to postpone it again but the judge didn’t make a decision. He pointed out that the family had filed the required documents to the court and had started the process of licensing their property.

Raed explained that his family informed him about the occupation authorities’ raid on the house and their intention to demolish it after he had left to work in the early morning. Upon arrival to the area, he was not allowed to enter his house and help out emptying it due to the closure imposed on the area. He pointed out that the demolition was executed on top of most of the houses’ contents.

It is noteworthy that 9 individuals live in both houses; Omar Abu Rajabi, his wife and three children as well as Ra’ed, his wife and two children.

Abu Rajab family established a tent across from the remains of their demolished homes leaving the family homeless.

In the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan, the occupation forces raided the house of Sha’ban Abu Tayeh and completely surrounded it. Municipality employees started emptying the house in order to demolish it under the pretext of building without a permit. The owner of the house was able to postpone the demolition. Two hours later, the forces and their heavy duty vehicles withdrew from the area.

In the village of Esawyeh, the occupation bulldozers raided the village in the early morning to demolish a house but the owner presented a court order to postpone the demolition; the forces and bulldozers withdrew from the area.