A demolition in Beit Hanina…and postponing the demolition of a commercial establishment in Beit Safafa
October 18, 2017

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday the foundations of residential establishments in Beit Hanina while the demolition order of a group of commercial establishments in the village of Beit Safafa in Jerusalem.

Demolishing foundations

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation bulldozers demolished a wall and the foundation of an establishment in Wad Al-Dam in Beit Hanina under the pretext of building on a “green land” without a permit; land is owned by Shallodi family. The bulldozers also demolished foundations of an establishment owned by Kiswani family in the area of “Hizma Road” in Beit Hanina.

Postponing demolition

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers supported by large forces raided commercial establishments built on a 5000-square meters land in the village of Beit Safafa south of Jerusalem to demolish it. The owner of the land was able to postpone the demolition until next Sunday.

Mohannad Mjahed, one of the owners of the commercial establishments, explained that the bulldozers and municipality crews raided the area to execute demolitions and damage the land so it won’t be used. The establishments were: a carwash, car dealership, a store that sells wood and bricks in addition to a construction equipment store and a car-repair shop.