The youth Majd Mustafa...between the pain from the injury he suffered, deportation and a new prison time
October 30, 2017

The injury of the Jerusalemite youth Majd Nayef Shihadeh Mustafa and removing his spleen were not the first violations against him by the occupation authorities. Majd was arrested and put under house-arrest and deported from his house in the village of Esawyeh in addition to being deprived from education since 2014.

The 16-year old Majd was injured in mid October with a rubber bullet while heading to the grocery store in the village at the same time when occupation soldiers were raiding the village. He was shot by a rubber bullet in his back and underwent a surgery where his spleen was removed; he also suffered broken ribs and damage in his lung.

His suffering started in 2014 as he told Wadi Hilweh Information Center: “I was arrested in June 2014 from my house. After a month of interrogation, I was released on condition of deportation from my house in Esawyeh to Beit Hanina and on condition of house-arrest.”

He added: “I spent 6 months under complete house-arrest where I was not allowed to leave for any reason. I was then allowed to leave from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. only in Beit Hanina and was still deported from the village of Esawyeh. This deprived me from returning to my school and my right to education.”

He said: “I was deported from the village for a year and a half. After my return, I was arrested at the end of last year and was sentenced for 6 months and was released at the beginning of last May.”

He explained that the judge issued a 3-month prison sentence for to the first case last September, and he had to turn himself-in at the beginning of October but he was injured and was in pain. After appealing the decision in court, the judge ordered him to turn himself-in at the beginning of next year.

In between injury, pain and being deprived from his right to education, Majd is waiting to turn himself-in and be away from his family to serve his sentence hoping his suffering with the occupation would end soon.