Storming into “Zahwat Al-Quds” School and arrest its director and three teachers
November 6, 2017


The occupation forces arrested on Monday the director of “Zahwat Al-Quds” School and three teachers after storming into the school in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem.

The Association of Students’ Parents (Jerusalem Schools) explained that the occupation forces raided “Zahwat Al-Quds” School in Beit Hanina while classes were still in session. They confiscated cell phones, disrupted the surveillance cameras, removed the students from their classes and conducted a search in the school’s and administration’s rooms. They confiscated money from the administration, photocopied textbooks, and detained and photographed the employees' IDs.

Ziad Shamali, head of the Association of Students’ Parents, explained that the forces also raided the home of the school's director, searched it and arrested her husband.

The union condemned the storming of the school and called for the release of the director and teachers without any conditions or restrictions, bearing the consequences of this intrusion and intimidating students to the Ministry of Education and occupation municipality.

The statement said: "Legal matters are resolved according to law and order and are not resolved by incursions and unjustified arrests, and we will be directed according to the law against the occupation municipality and the Israeli police storming the building and intimidating the students.”