Islamic Awqaf Department reveals the effects of vandalism at Al-Aqsa Mosque during last July
November 26, 2017

The Islamic Awqaf Department in Jerusalem issued a statement on the tampering and vandalism left by the occupation in Al-Aqsa Mosque while it was closed between 14/7/2017 and 27/7/2017.

The statement said: "The facts contained in the reports of the specialized Jerusalem Awqaf committees, which were assigned by the Public Department of Al-Awqaf of Jerusalem and the affairs of Al-Aqsa Mosque to examine and follow all the Israeli violations during the period of closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque / Haram al-Sharif by an unjust Israeli government decision:

  • Destroy most of the locks and closets of closed rooms in Al-Aqsa Mosque and tamper with their contents, open the computers in them, and try to enter into their systems and take advantage of the information

  • Iron bolts are planted in various parts in the walls of the Dome of the Rock, and these iron bolts are thought to be monitoring and filming devices.

  • Removing a tile from inside the cave and then trying to return it. Taking a sample of the rock in two places, and spraying a white material on certain parts of the rock, indicating that the subject of closure was not due to security reasons but rather to support the occupation’s future plans for this construction and its contents.

  • Messing with carpets and opening and tampering with the electricity infrastructure

  • The installation of screws on the wooden writing boards. A fragment of a marble piece seen above the door was broken and damage was also caused to the lower corner of a painting. This act was repeated in the “Zakaria Mihrab”, in the upper pillars between the columns and in the bridge located in the vicinity of the dome and in some marble facades.

  • Opening all the minarets at Al-Aqsa Mosque and Omar Mosque and tampering with them.


  • Breaking the locks of the wells at the old site of Al-Aqsa. It was discovered that it had carried out explorations of the old chisel in several areas of the well. Remains of some of the stones were noted. This was repeated in the upper area located on the eastern side of the Omar Mosque.


  • Displace different stones and then rebuild them in the southern area.


  • A large part of the circular stone column located at the bottom of the entrance to the “niche”; the broken part is missing.


  • Smashing and opening all the electrical cabinets and tampering with the equipment of the reconstruction committee, and opening a stone slab of water channel covers on the surface of Al-Marwani.


  • In the cradle of Jesus, part of the marble was removed of the cradle. Effects of digging beside the cradle were also noticed.


  • A slab was removed in the first basalt in the upper staircase of the cradle.


  • The occupation authorities made a hole in the upper screen of the door on the eastern side of the wall that penetrated to the outside, and effects of excavations in the region were observed.


  • A fracture was discovered in the corner of the “Cornish” and a piece of lead was planted. Also, fragments of stones were found in the second stone window.


  • The Israeli occupation forces tampered with the stones at the eastern side, especially at the base, and removed some stones.


  • Removing an ancient stone tile on the roofs of the Dome of the Rock from the south side, and tying to return it. Conducting and carried out many explorations in the bases, and confiscating some chemicals used in the laboratory manuscripts, school laboratories and the confiscation of student electronic bags.


  • A number of explorations were conducted in the lower hall of the resident engineer's office [the reconstruction committee] and a fragment of the rock in it was broken. A small opening was observed below the western wall of the room.


  • Messing in the “Call for Prayer” room, alarm and communications room, where some expensive high-tech electronic pieces were lost. Also, a video camera was stolen and the computers of the audio room were tampered with.


  • Two wireless devices "21 and 7" have been lost.