Pictures- Marches, protests and arrests in Jerusalem
December 8, 2017

For the second consecutive day, the streets of Jerusalem turned into a hit-and-run field between Jerusalemites and occupation forces during marches and vigils condemning President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

A massive march took place in the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque following the Friday Prayer and started from the courtyard of the Al-Qibali Mosque towards the courtyard of the Dome of the Rock. Participants raised the Palestinian flags and Islamic banners, and chanted slogans of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.
The march was attended by dozens of Turks and raised the flag of Palestine and Turkey, stressing their rejection of the Declaration of Trump, and that Jerusalem is Arab and the capital of the Palestinian states.

Al-Wad Street

The march exited through Al-Majles Gate- one of Al-Aqsa gates- towards the courtyard of Damascus gate, but the occupation forced were deployed in Al-Wad Street and placed metal barricades and prevented hundreds of protestors from moving forward. They assaulted and pushed them, seized Palestinians flags and used force to disperse them.

Damascus Gate

Dozens of Jerusalemites managed to reach the courtyard of Damascus Gate and demonstrated for hours. They chanted slogans and national anthem, and performed the Afternoon and Evening Prayers in the area.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the forces attempted to empty the area of Damascus Gate several times, and deliberately assaulted the participants and used forces against them to break the demonstration which lasted several hours after the Noon Prayer, but Jerusalemites insisted on staying in the area despite being assaulted.

The center added that the forces emptied the area of Damascus Gate from the youths and young man after assaulting and severely beating them, a group of women managed to continue demonstrating until they were surrounded and beaten by a Special Forces unit.

Witnesses said that a settler assaulted a child who was with his father in Damascus Gate resulting in verbal altercations between young men and occupation forced who fully protected the settler.

The occupation forces also harassed young men in Sultan Suleiman Street and Al-Musrara Street, and Calvary units followed them to disperse them from the area.


The occupation forces arrested several children and young men from the streets of the city while suppressing demonstrations, assaulted the detainees and severely beat them before being transferred to interrogation centers.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Khaldoun Nijem, explained that the forces arrested several Jerusalemites and transferred them for interrogation on charges of “assaulting policemen”. The detainees were:

  1. Abed Al-Naser Afaneh (14)
  2. Sa’di Burqan 915)
  3. Mo’men Karaki (15)
  4. Ahmad Fawaqa (15)
  5. Yassin Risheq (17)
  6. Anas Qasem
  7. Sami Tawil (18)
  8. Suhaib Siam (17)
  9. Ibrahim Saleh

Clashes in the villages of Al-Tur and Esawyeh

On Friday night, clashes broke out in the villages of Al-Tur and Esawyeh in Jerusalem, and the occupation forces closed several streets in the villages while young men threw Molotov Cocktails and stones towards the forces.

Local sources in Al-Tur said the occupation forces arrested four Jerusalemites while raiding the streets of the village.