Pictures- Suppression, arrests and injuries ... Salah Al-Din Street in Jerusalem turns into a battle field
December 9, 2017

Salah Al-Din Street in Jerusalem turned on Saturday into a battle field between the occupation forces and dozens of Jerusalemites who were protesting against the decision United States president to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The forces arrested 17 Jerusalemites including Jihad Abu Zneid, member of Legislative Council, and Naser Qos, head of Prisoners Club in Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that dozens of Jerusalemites participated in a march in Salah Al-Din Street in Jerusalem, but were surrounded by the occupation forces who asked them to move away from the street. Minutes after the march started, a Special Forces unit surrounded them from all directions and started assaulting and pushing them in an attempt to disperse them by force.

The center added that the Cavalry unit stormed the street and assaulted the participants, press crews and paramedics. They also followed everyone towards the shops and sidewalks. The soldiers then forced the shop owners to close their doors and stormed Al-Dar Mall in the middle of Salah Al-Din Street, executed arrests and surrounded the emergency entrance.

The occupation forces closed Salah Al-Din Street from all sides to prevent the movement of protesters and their march towards the area of ​​Damascus Gate, and surrounded them in the middle of the street, and dropped sound grenades intensively from time to time towards them.

The Israeli occupation forces confiscated all the Palestinian flags that were raised during the march, and followed anyone who raised the flag and assaulted him and confiscated the flag.

The sit-in on Salah Al-Din Street continued until the evening hours, where Jerusalemites insisted on organizing the sit-in that rejects Trump’s decision despite the continuous repression. They occasionally formed a protest in the street while the Israeli occupation forces repress them and chase them with cavalry teams and beat them.


The Israeli occupation forces arrested Jihad Abu Zneid and assaulted her. They also arrested Naser Qos, the director of the Prisoners Club in Jerusalem, and arrested Aseel Abu Leil, assaulted and severely beat her and removed her “hijab”.

In the evening, the Israeli occupation forces assaulted two youths with rifle butts, beatings and kicking them while walking in Herod’s Gate area and then arrested them.

Meanwhile, the Information Center’s lawyer Khaldoun Nijem said that 17 youths were arrested from Jerusalem. Two of them were taken to hospital for treatment. One of the injuries suffered wounds in his head, lost consciousness and was bruised all over his body. The second was a boy who suffered fractures in the palm of his hand.

Nijem added that one of the detainees was suffering from aching and fatigue, but was not transferred for treatment.

Among those arrested were Dia 'Odeh, 14, Mohammed Abu Diab, 18, Mohammed Sa’eedeh, 18, Jawdat Al-Husseini, 22, Mohammed Izz Natsheh, 16, Wisam Bseiso, 19, and Mohammed Ghaleb Jawarish, 19. Laith Mohammed Abed Rabbo, 18, Omar Ishtay, Anas Abu Hadwan 25, Amjad Abu Hadwan 25, Jalal Idris, 27, and the child Ayman Yehya Bakir.

The Palestinian ambulance crews said that they had conducted preliminary checks for a number of detainees inside the Salah Al-Din Street police station. They were wounded and had fractures and multiple bruises. The Israeli ambulance was called to evacuate two of them.