Pictures: Injuries in Salah Al-Din Street in Jerusalem
December 20, 2017

 Twenty Jerusalemites were injured with burns and suffocation after being sprayed with pepper gas during a sit-in in Salah Al-Din Street in Jerusalem, organized by the national and Islamic forces, in condemnation of Trump's decision.
Medical sources from Burj Al-Laqlaq and the medical relief reported that their crews provided first aid for 25 Jerusalemites, and five injuries described as mild were transferred to the hospital for treatment.
The center said that the occupation forces suppressed the sot-in minutes after it started, as they attacked the demonstrators while chanting to the city of Jerusalem after raising the Palestinian flag. They attempted to confiscate the flag but the protesters refused to hand it over to them, and tried to take it away from the forces until one of the officers spray pepper gas towards the young, the elderly and journalists and forcibly evacuated them from the area.

The center added that the officer pursued a group of elderly after they fell on the ground and sprayed gas directly on them. They also pursued a young man and confiscated while he was injured and receiving treatment.
The Special Forces also threw stun grenades indiscriminately at the citizens present, and deliberately threw bombs on the area where the ambulance crews sought to treat the injured, during which cavalry units stormed the place and forcibly removed people.
Ahmed Safadi, the director of the Elias Media Foundation, was arrested by soldiers while he was in Salah Al-Din Street.
In the area of ​​Damascus Gate, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man after attacking him with an electric gun.