Occupation forces assault and injure two children with fractures and bruises before arresting them
February 10, 2018

The two Jerusalemite children, Mohammad Hijazi and Ishaq Haddad, were injured with fractures and bruises after being assaulted by the occupation forces while walking in the area of Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem. 
Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Khaldoun Nijem, explained that the occupation forces arrested on Saturday Mohammad Hijazi (14) and Ishaq Haddad (15) after assaulting and severely beating them. They were released afterwards on condition of attending an interrogation on Sunday. 
Ala’ Haddad, Ishaq’s uncle, explained that his nephew was injured with fractures in his leg due to being assaulted while Hijazi suffered a wound in his head after being hit with the butt of a gun. After being released, they were transferred to Al-Maqased hospital for treatment. 
The information center was informed by eyewitnesses that the Israeli occupation forces arrested a group of young men while they were in the area of Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem and were subjected to provocative physical searches, during which they were severely assaulted. A Calvary unit then arrived and evacuated the area. 

Witnesses added that the forces arrested Haddad and Hijazi and beat them using rifle butts and kicking and pushing, and verbally abused them. 

On the other hand, the occupation forces prevented a celebration in the school of young Muslim women, to honor the outstanding principals and teachers in the schools of Jerusalem, which was organized by the Directorate of Palestinian Education.

The Israeli occupation police also stopped the Minister of Education Sabri Sidem near the site of the ceremony and prevented him from reaching it. They stormed the school and forced the teachers and principals to leave the school and handed the school’s director an order signed by the Israeli Minister of Internal Security to prevent the activity under the pretext of being organized by the Palestinian Authority.