Occupation authorities demolish a house, a farm and a commercial establishment
February 21, 2018

The occupation bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning a house, a sheep farm and a commercial establishment in the city of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit.

Shu’fat…Demolishing a house and a sheep farm

The occupation’s bulldozers, municipality crews, policemen and Special Forces raided the neighborhood of Shu’fat on Wednesday morning and closed several streets. They surrounded the house and farm of Saleh Abu Khdeir and the workers started emptying the farm from the sheep and other contents before the bulldozers started the demolition operation. The crews then headed towards the house and demolished it as well.

Saleh Abu Khdeir explained that his house was 115 square meters where he lived with his family (6 individuals) while the farm was 215 square meters. He said the house was established in 2006 and he moved-in in 2012 after completely finishing it.

He explained that the municipality issued a demolition order against the two establishments last October. He was able to postpone the demolition and the court issued an order last month to stop the demolition order. Today, the house was demolished without prior notice.

Abu Khdeir said the municipality imposed two fines on him for building without a permit (50 thousand NIS) which he was committed to paying.

Beit Hanina…Demolishing a commercial establishment

The occupation’s bulldozers raided a women’s salon owned by Daoud Mheisen in the neighborhood of Ashqaryeh in Beit Hanina, and demolished it.

Mheisen explained that the salon where his wife worked was 30 square meters and built from bricks and roofed with tin plates.