A Jerusalemite turns herself-in to Al-Ramleh prison…releasing one woman…and sentencing three young men
March 4, 2018

The Jerusalem activist, Abeer Abu Khdeir, turned herself-in to Al-Ramleh prison to serve her two-month sentence following a decision made by the Magistrate and District Courts.
Abu Khdeir family explained that the Israeli occupation court sentenced Abeer Abu Khdeir for two months in prison and sentenced her daughter, Asala Abu Khdeir, 27, for two months of public service. Her daughter Sumood, 24, was sentenced for 300 hours of volunteer work and a 7-thousand NIS fine on charges of "obstructing police work and assaulting on a female soldier in 2011."

The family explained that the case was in court for six years. The Magistrate Court sentenced three members of the family, and the decision was appealed at the District Court but was rejected.

The family of Abu Khdeir confirmed that Abeer, Asala and Sumood were beaten by the Israeli occupation forces in 2011, when they stormed their house to arrest Anan Abu Khdeir, 14, Abeer's son. However, they were arrested and sentenced.

Abeer is the wife of Naser Al-Din Abu Khdeir, who is serving a 16-month sentence and has spent more than 15 years in Israeli jails in several arrests.

Releasing a Jerusalemite woman…and extending the arrest of her son

on the other hand, the lawyer of Prisoners Club, Mufeed Al-Hajj, said the Israeli court extended the arrest of Yehya Dirbas (17 years) until Tuesday.
Al-Hajj added that the court itself decided to release his mother Mona and imposed house-arrest on her until March 9, in addition to a bail of 750 shekels, and signing a self-guarantee bail of NIS 5,000 and a third-party bail of the same value. Her husband Arafat Dirbas was released unconditionally.
It is noteworthy that the occupation forces had arrested the member of Dirbas family last night from their home in the village of Esawyeh.

Prison sentences

The occupation court sentenced three Jerusalemites for actual imprisonment, and for various durations.

Amjad Abu Asab, head of prisoners and detainees families committee, explained that the District Court sentenced prisoner Mohammad Disi for 6 and a half years, his brother Samer for three and a half years, and prisoner Saed Al-Din Zghayyar for 6 years. The court also imposed fines on them after they were convicted of forming a “military cell and opening fire towards the occupation soldiers.”