Pictures- Arrests and confiscating Palestinian flags to prevent the launching of the Palestinian Marathon in Jerusalem
March 9, 2018

The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Friday two Palestinian activists and prevented the launching of the Palestinian marathon organized against the Israeli marathon which was organized by the occupation municipality and the ministries of "tourism and sports".

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the occupation officers stormed a parking lot in Nablus Street in Jerusalem, and raided a vehicle carrying a group of children. The officers confiscated the Palestinian flags and shirts that were made for the Palestinian marathon; they also confiscated a scarf from one of the children.

The center added that the Israeli forces arrested activists Mohammad Abu al-Hummus and Fadi Mattour, and assaulted Abu Hummus who tried to stick to a Palestinian flag. He said: "I have the right to carry it and raise it."

The center explained that the occupation forces forced the children to get out of the vehicle and get out of the parking lot, then came the cavalry units and other forces and ordered them to return to the vehicle. Within moments the officers returned and told them that the vehicle is being confiscated and they have to leave the area.

The soldiers tried to grab the vehicle's key from the girl Shahd Abu al-Hummus by force, and searched the vehicle several times and confiscated it.

The Israeli occupation forces forced all the children to take off the marathon shirts and confiscated them.