Pictures- Damaging the gravestones of Jerusalemite Martyrs in Al-Mujahedeen Cemetery in Jerusalem
March 12, 2018

On Monday morning, the Israeli occupation forces destroyed the gravestones of the Jerusalemite Martyrs buried in Al-Mujahedeen Cemetery in Salah Al-Din Street in Jerusalem.

Regarding the incident, Hosni Al-Kilani, official of the Al-Mujahedeen Cemetery, explained that the occupation forces destroyed the main door of the cemetery, and then a group stormed the cemetery with hand-demolition tools while another group was stationed at the door of the cemetery and in the surrounding areas.

Al-Kilani added that the forces destroyed the gravestone of Martyrs who were buried in the cemetery during the last two years, in addition to breaking the Koran verse and the words "tombs of Martyrs of the Jerusalem uprising".

Al-Kilani explained that the occupation authorities demanded them about three months ago to remove the word of the heroic Martyr, which was written before the name of each Martyr. Yesterday one of the officers stormed the cemetery and took a picture of the cemetery before another force stormed the cemetery and damaged the gravestone.

It is noteworthy that the tomb includes the bodies of the Martyrs: Mohammed Kaloti, Abdullah Abu Khroub, Thaer Abu Ghazaleh, Baha’ Alayan, Mohammed Abu Khalaf, Abdul Muhsen Hassouneh and Mohammed Nimer. It is noteworthy that the Israeli police conditioned the Martyrs’ families to bury them in the Al-Mujahedeen Cemetery.