Occupation authorities transfer a young man to administrative arrest…extensions of arrest…conditional releases
April 16, 2018

The occupation authorities transferred the Jerusalemite Saleh Na’eem Mheisen from the village of Esawyeh to administrative arrest for 6 months.

Mheisen was arrested last week after raiding his house in the village.

Extending the arrest of a Jerusalemite activist

On the other hand, the occupation court’s judge extended the arrest of the Jerusalemite activist Wafa’ Abu Jom’a until 18/4/2018 on charges of “incitement on Facebook”; she was arrested after raiding her house in the village of Al-Tur on Monday early morning.


The judge also extended the arrest of the youths Fahed Qaisi, Munir Dari and Majd Shalaldeh until 20/4/2018, and the public prosecution filed a prosecutor’s permit to file indictments against them.

In the same context, the judge extended the arrest of Mo’men Obeid until 22/4/2018 and Usama Taha until 27/5/2018 after filing indictments against them.

Extensions of arrest

The judge also extended the arrest of Ahmad Darwish, Mahmoud Abulhawa, Yazan Anwar Salfiti, Amir Sayyad and Amir Dibs until Wednesday, Ali Obeid until next Tuesday, Ashraf Gheith until 22/4/2018, Tamer Mleihat until 24/4/2018, Shireen A’raj until 11/6/2018, Emran Aweiwi until 28/5/2018, Abdelrahman Abu Ameera and Mahmoud Abu Sbeih and Mohammad Razem until 16/7/2018.

Conditional release

The judge decided to release Shihab Qneibi and Omar Abed Al-Kamel on condition of house-arrest and deportation from their residency in the village of Esawyeh for one week. Also, Amin Hamed was released on condition of house-arrest for two days and a 1000-NIS bail.