Including 22 women and 74 children…570 Jerusalemite prisoners inside the occupation’s prisons
April 17, 2018

The Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee issued on Tuesday afternoon a statistics on the Jerusalemite prisoners in Israeli prisons on the day of the Palestinian Prisoner.

The committee explained in its statement that 570 prisoners were inside the occupation prisons, including 74 children, 8 of them in juvenile centers and 22 women.

The Committee stated in its statement:

  • Oldest Jerusalemites prisoner is Samir Abu Ni’mah; detained since 20/10/1986 and has been arrested for 32 years.
  • The prisoner with the highest sentence is Wael Qasem; he is serving 35 life sentences + 50 years, and has been detained for 16 years.
  • The child with the highest sentence is Mohammed Tayseer Taha, 11 years old, followed by Ahmed Manasra 10 years and 11 months).
  • The woman with the highest sentence is the Jerusalemite prisoner Shurouq Dwayyat; she is serving a 16-year sentence.
  • The youngest Jerusalemite prisoner, Mohammad Hoshyeh, 14, and has been arrested for two years.
  • The youngest Jerusalemite female prisoner is Manar Shweiki, 18 years old, serving a six-year sentence.
  • 53 prisoners serving life sentences.
  • 22 female prisoners detained in Hasharon and Damon prisons.
  • 68 children between 14-18 years old (minors).
  • 8 children detained in Juvenile center.
  • 13 prisoners have been arrested for more than 20 years, including 5 that were freed during the “Shalit” deal.
  • 5 prisoners under administrative arrest by a decision issued by the Minister of Homeland Security.
  • Seven prisoners that were released during the Shalit deal were kidnapped and the previous sentences were returned to them 4 years ago.
  • 1 wounded Jerusalemite prisoner in the prison hospital of Al- Ramleh (prisoner Ayman Al-Kurd).
  • Five wounded female prisoners are imprisoned.
  • 1 Jerusalemite prisoner isolated two years ago (prisoner Abdullah Mughrabi).
  • 8 Jerusalemite prisoners have been stripped of their identities and are being held in prisons and serving high sentences.
  • 4 Palestinian prisoners deported from Jerusalem after their identities were withdrawn by a decision of the Minister of Interior. They are: Mohammad Abu Ter, Ahmad Aton, Mohammad Totah and former Minister of Jerusalem, Engineer Khaled Abu Arafeh).
  • 1 Jerusalemite prisoner deported from Jerusalem and the West Bank for a period of six months (Majed Ragheb Al-Jo’beh).
  • A large group of children underwent temporary house-arrest for several days, and a number of others were subjected to house-arrest for a long time (the number was not identified).

Jerusalemite prisoners are distributed among all Israeli prisons especially the following:

  • Negev desert prison: 145 prisoners
  • Rimon prison: 85 prisoners
  • Megiddo prison: &5 prisoners
  • Nafha prison: 72 prisoners
  • 22 woman and one girl detained in Hasharon and Damon prisons