Prison sentences…extensions of arrest
April 24, 2018

The occupation courts’ judges issued prison sentences against several Jerusalemites, and extended the arrest of others.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the judges sentenced the following:

  • Muntaser Abu Nab: Actual imprisonment for six months and one day, and a 3-thousand NIS fine.
  • Mohammad Abu Nab: Actual imprisonment for seven and a half months, and a 3-thousand NIS fine.
  • Amir Mahmoud: Actual imprisonment for 25 months, and a 5-thousand NIS fine.
  • Yousef Farroukh: Actual imprisonment for two months; he was released from court for completing his sentence.

Extensions of arrest

The judges extended the arrest of Eyad Gheith, Ahmad Zidani, Ahmad Abu Rajab, Mohammad Sarhan and Ayoub Afaneh until 29/4/2018, Mohammad Mheisen, Hussam Alayan, Wael Alayan, Naji Odeh, Ahmad Darwish, Qusai Dari, Yousef Darwish, Hussein Darwish and Mohammad Mustafa until 26/4/2018, Mohammad Marwan Obeid, Mohammad Ismat Obeid, Oday Obeid, Ali Hamdan and Fares Za’tari until 25/4/2018.

The judges also extended the arrest of Tamer Mleihat until 1/5/2018, Bilal Gheith until 14/5/2018, Fadi Khweis until 27/5/2018 and Mohammad Ibrahim until completing the legal procedures against him. 

A hearing session was held for Saleh Na’eem Mheisen and the judge extended his arrest until 18/6/2018 and confirmed the administrative arrest against him for 6 months.