A decision to evict a house in Silwan for the settlers
May 5, 2018


Ateerat Cohanim settlement association handed an eviction order to Jawad Abu Sneineh in the Middle Neighborhood in Silwan under the pretext of “owning the property”.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Silwan explained that a group of settlers from the "Ateerat Cohanim" settlement associationstormed the house of Jawad Abu Sneineh and handed his family an eviction orderand have them until June 25 to execute it, in addition to paying NIS 19,000 instead for leasing the house for three years.

The center added that the house of Abu Sneineh is located in a five-story residential building that was leaked to the settlement associationin August 2015 through twisted ways by Jamal Sarhan. The settlers seized all the building except for a residential apartment after the tenant Jawad Abu Sneineh refused to leave after he had renewed his lease for a year before the building was seized.

Zuhair Al-Rajabi, head of the committee of the residents of the Middle Neighborhood in Silwan, explained that Ateerat Cohanim association has been trying to evacuate Jawad and seize his apartment since August 2015, and tried various methods of intimidation and seduction, but he stood and is still fighting the case in the courts.

Al-Rajabi added that Sarhan family had filed a lawsuit against Jamal Sarhan after leaking the property in an attempt to recover it. The property belongs to Jamal Sarhan's father, and therefore the latter has no right to buy and sell. The judge postponed the final decision and the matter remains the same meaning that the building is for the settlers except for the apartment where Abu Sneineh lives.

Rajabi added that the family of Abu Sneineh was surprised by the decision of the new evacuation, despite the absence of a final decision on the case from the Israeli court, pointing out that it will be directed to the competent courts.

Zuhair Al-Rajabi said that Jawad Abu Sneineh's family consists of 11 individualsliving in the house except for Jawad. He was recently arrested on the pretext of "illegal presence in Jerusalem" and was sentenced to three months in prison and prevented from entering Jerusalem for a year and a half; he has been living in the city of Hebron since.

 Al-Rajabi explained that the restrictions on Abu Sneineh began in 2015 by suspending his "residence in Jerusalem", and arresting him often, in addition to storming his house and search it, and continuous attempts to tempt him with money and the provision of housing in the city and an Israeli identity to leave the house”.