Pictures- Arrests, injuries and confiscating flags while suppressing a protest against the opening of the US Embassy
May 14, 2018


Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated near the US Embassy in Jerusalem concurrently with the opening ceremony of the Embassy. The Israeli occupation forces arrested 12 youths and wounded dozens of others in an attempt to disperse and end the demonstration.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the demonstration was attended by hundreds of Palestinians from Jerusalem, the 1948 lands, the Golan and a number of Israeli leftist activists participated in the demonstration, dozens of meters away from the US Embassy. Across the street, Israeli officials held a rally during which Israeli and American flags were held in celebration of the opening of the embassy.

The participants in the Palestinian demonstration raised the Palestinian flag and slogans in Arabic, Hebrew and English, emphasizing the Palestinian identity of the city of Jerusalem and the right of return and against the Trump decision. The participants were assaulted and pushed for more than 3 hours continuously, arresting 12 Palestinians and confiscating the flags and slogans by force.

The center added that the Israeli occupation forces tried to remove the demonstrators from the place of the demonstration several times, where they were attacked and prevented from advancing. Iron barricades were placed in their vicinity, while the residents of nearby buildings sprayed water on the demonstrators, as well as the swearing and obscene words against them. Nevertheless, the demonstration continued and after it finished the demonstrators embarked on a march in several streets close to the embassy.

The center pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces closed the main road leading to the US Embassy from noon till evening, and tightened the procedures around it at the opening of the embassy, which included dozens of Israeli and American officials.

Extensions of arrest…releases

In another context, lawyer Khaled Zabarqa said that the police extended the arrest of Sheikh Ahmed Abu Ajwa, Imam of Hasan Bek Mosque in Jaffa, and two other young people from the city of Um Al-Fahem until tomorrow, while releasing nine detainees from Jerusalem and the i1948 lands provided the signing of financial guarantees; they were all arrested during the demonstration.

The forces also arrested Jad Al-Ghoul and extended his arrest until tomorrow.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the number of detainees from the city of Jerusalem between noon and evening was 21, most of whom were released.