Pictures- Arrests, assaults and harassing women while suppressing a sit-in in Jerusalem
May 15, 2018


The occupation forces assaulted women, young men and the elderly and arrested a youth during the suppression of a peaceful sit-in in the area of Damascus Gate in commemoration of Al-Nakba Day and mourning the Martyrs of Gaza Strip and to refuse the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer said that the Israeli forces arrested 14-year-old Azzam Nairoukh and transferred him for interrogation to Salah Al-Din Street police station.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the occupation forces besieged the protestors in the area of Damascus Gate from the beginning of the vigil while they were chanting slogans and raising a black banner reading "Right of Return." The soldiers assaulted the youths, beat them and forcibly removed them from the place and forced them to leave.

The center added that a group of elderly women and men insisted on staying and sitting in the place. The occupation forces attacked them and forcibly removed them. One soldier removed the hijab (veil) of one of the women and dragged her to the ground and then released her.

The center added that the Israeli soldiers closed the entrances of Damascus Gate and prevented access to it for more than 3 hours, and allowed only residents of the Old City to enter after checking their identities and to ensure their place of residence.

In Nablus Street, the Israeli occupation forces detained a young man and a girl in a shop and then released them.

In the evening, students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem demonstrated in front of the entrance of the university, chanted national anthems, and the Israeli soldiers attacked them and arrested Hiba Odeh and Karam Alayan.

In the village of Al-Tur, clashes broke out between the young men and the Israeli occupation forces. Local sources in the village reported that the Musta’ribeen unit (undercover police) arrested three young men from the village.

The center's lawyers explained that the detainees were: Amir Hazem Sayyad, 16, Mohammed Khader Abulhawa, 17, and Mustafa Ashayer, 20.