Pictures- Preventing an “Iftar” for journalists in Jerusalem
June 9, 2018


The Israeli occupation authorities prevented a Ramadan “Iftar” (meal to break the fast) for Jerusalemite journalists invited by the Chamber of Commerce in the city. The forces arrested the head of the Chamber of Commerce lawyer Kamal Obeidat and director of the Jerusalem Hotel Raed Saadeh after barring the Iftar for Jerusalemite journalists at the hotel.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the occupation intelligence stormed the Jerusalem Hotel while special forces personnel surrounded the entrance and prevented the entry of anyone to the hotel, and then they placed a decision to prevent the Ramadan Iftar following an order by the Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Aradan.

According to the ban order placed on the gate of the hotel in Arabic and Hebrew "The Jerusalem Hotel was supposed to hold an Iftar under the title" Summary of the activity of the Chamber of Commerce in East Jerusalem "under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority. The orderwas based on the law of “implementing the agreement regarding the West Bank and Gaza Strip / identification of activities ".