Pictures- Demolitions and bulldozing in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem
June 26, 2018

The occupation municipal staff executed a series of demolitions and bulldozing on Tuesday in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the Israeli occupation forces, municipal crews and bulldozers moved from one place to another in the Jerusalem neighborhoods and proceeded to demolish and bulldoze facilities in Beit Hanina, Al-Tur, Esawyeh and Silwan, suddenly without warning.

Beit Hanina

The information center learned that the bulldozers demolished a house in Hizma road in Beit Hanina after storming it and evicting the residents and taking out some of the contents.

Shawamreh family in Al-Ashqaryeh neighborhood in Beit Hanina was able to freeze the demolition order and postpone it until next October. The family explained that the bulldozers and occupation forces surrounded their house to demolish it, but the owner was able to freeze the order after heading to court and paying NIS 8000.

The family added that the forces assaulted residents including women and children, pushed them and forced them to leave the house.


The occupation bulldozers also demolished a parking lot in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan owned by Eyad Ramadan.

Eyad explained that he demolished the roof and parts of the walls last April following an order from the occupation municipality. On Tuesday, he was surprised by the raid on the parking lot and demolishing the rest of the walls.


The bulldozers also bulldozed agricultural roads in the eastern part of the village of Esawyeh. It is noteworthy that the targeted lands are at risk of being seized in favor of the “National Parks” projects.


A wall built from tin plates was also demolished on Tuesday in the village of Al-Tur.