Occupation authorities prevent an academic conference in Jerusalem
July 14, 2018


The occupation authorities banned Sunday morning the fourth academic conference entitled "Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem" called by the Supreme Islamic Committee and the Society for the preservation of the Waqf and the heritage of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the intelligence and occupation forces stormed Hind Al-Husseini College in Jerusalem, where it was scheduled to hold the conference and held the people inside the hall and surrounded the entrance to the college and prevented access to it, and handed over the conference prevention order signed by the Minister of Internal Security, "Gilad Ardan," which came that the prohibition was under the pretext of being organized and sponsored by the Palestinian Authority.

The center added that the Israeli intelligence arrested the businessman Munib Al-Masri, also handed over calls to investigate a number of participants in the conference, and investigated with some of them inside the room before being releasing and allowing them to leave the building.