Prison sentences…extensions of arrest
July 16, 2018


On Monday, Israeli occupation court judges sentenced three Jerusalemites to prison.

Lawyer Mohamed Mahmoud explained that the judges sentenced the following:

• Fadi Daher: actual imprisonment for 38 months.

• Abdel Rahman Abu Omeir: actual imprisonment for 4 months and a fine of NIS 4,000.

• Mahmoud Abu Sbeih: actual imprisonment for 3 months and a fine of NIS 3,600.

Extensions of arrests

The court judges extended the arrest of Mohammad Al-Razemuntil 12/9/2018, Mohammad Obeido until completing the legal proceedings against him, Eyad Gheith until26/11/2018 and Qusai Mattouruntil 4/11/2018.


The judge decided to release the two young men, Ehab Jabir and Mohammed Al-Razem, with a bail of 500 shekels, and house-arrest until 22/7/2018 for each.