Occupation authorities demolish a house and walls in the city of Jerusalem
July 17, 2018


For the second time, bulldozers demolished the house of Saleh Abu Khdeir in Shu’fat neighborhood north of Jerusalem.

Saleh Abu Khdeir said that Israeli bulldozers, accompanied by large forces, raided his house and completely surrounded the area. Then, they proceeded to demolish and raze a wide area that included the house, the agricultural fences and agricultural barracks.

Abu Khdeir added that he was preparing the house to move-in with his family of 6 people. The house was about 100 square meters, and he began construction several months ago to build the house on his land.

Abu Khdeir said that Israeli bulldozers demolished his house at the end of last February, and displaced his family. He rebuilt the house, but the Israeli authorities demolished it again.

The bulldozers also demolished an agricultural barracks as well as walls. Abu Khdeir pointed out that the demolition was carried out on agricultural equipment, as he was not allowed to take it out.

The bulldozers also demolished a wall in the village of Al-Tur, under the pretext of building without a permit.