Demolishing residential apartments and sweeping roads in Jerusalem
August 7, 2018

The occupation’s bulldozers demolished two apartments inside a residential building in Shu'fat neighborhood north of Jerusalem, owned by Muhtaseb family, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the bulldozers demolished a "roof" consisting of two apartments belonging to Muhtaseb family; each apartment was 100 square meters.

The family explained that the construction process was completed about three months ago, and after preparing the apartments to move-in, the municipality issued a self-demolition order, and the family demolished parts of them, and was surprised by the occupation authorities storming the residential building and completely demolishing the apartments without prior notice.

Jabal Al-Mukabber

Bassam Obeidat was forced to self-demolish his apartment in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber following an order by the occupation municipality, and to avoid paying NIS 60,000 in fines and demolition costs.

Obeidat family explained that the apartment was built about a year ago, and the family has been trying since then to license it through the competent departments, but the municipality recently rejected the application.

The family added that the apartment, which is on the second floor, had an area of 100 square meters.

The bulldozers of the Israeli occupation forces also demolished a 700-square-meter barracks and container, and threeroomsused for sheep owned by Abu Sakran family.


Israeli bulldozers swept roads in the eastern area of the village of Esawyeh, leading to agricultural lands. The area is under threat of confiscation for the "National Park" project.