The court’s guards severely beat prisoner Harbi Rajabi who is diabetic
October 15, 2018

On Monday, the guards of the District Court attacked the 15-year-old Jerusalemite prisoner, Harbi Rajabi, and severely beat him inside the building of the city's District Court.

Nidal Rajabi, the father of Harbi, told Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the guards of the court assaulted his son and severely beat him after he left the courtroom after pulling him towards the elevator. The family heard the beatings and the screams of Harbi and when he left the elevator door, the guards held him to the waiting room and then to theprisoners’ transport vehicle, pointing out that one of the guards carried Harbi’s shoe.

Rajabi added that he went immediately to the judge after his son was attacked and told him of the assault on his son, but the latter did not care to what happened.

He pointed out that his son told his lawyer during the hearing that he fainted in the prisoners’ vehicle, and did not take the necessary medication. He suffers from diabetes and needs insulin, and signs of fatigue and exhaustion were clear on Harbi’s face during the hearing session.

He explained that his son was arrested last July from his home in the village of Silwan, and was indicted and is currently in Megiddo prison.

Rajabi confirmed his son's need for permanent medical monitoring from a diabetes doctor and continuous care because of his diabetes.

The court judge extended the arrest of Harbi until 1/11/2018. A hearing will be held next Monday to consider the request for the release of Harbi on the condition of house-arrest.