Extending the arrest of the governor of Jerusalem and 10 of Fateh movement cadres
November 29, 2018

The Magistrate judge extended on Thursday afternoon the arrest of the governor of Jerusalem and 10 Jerusalemites that are from the cadres of Fateh movement in Jerusalem. The judge extended some them until Sunday while others will be detained until Monday at least.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the Magistrate judge decided to extend the arrest of Adnan Gheith, governor of Jerusalem, until Sunday. He was arrested last Sunday from his house in Silwan; this is the third arrest since he was appointed governor of the city.

The judge also extended the arrest of 10 Jerusalemites until Monday, they are:

1. Adel Abu Zneid / deputy secretary of Fateh movement 

2. Fadi Mahmoud

3. Alaa Abu Al-Hawa

4. Amer Awad

5. Hussam Abu Sneineh

6. Khalil Bashir

7. Mohammad Qaq

8. Ahmad Mustafa

9. Eyad Hadreh

10. Hatem Mhalwes.