Occupation authorities demolish two houses in the villages of Sur Baher and Jabal Al-Mukabber
December 4, 2018


Israeli bulldozers demolished a house in the Sal'a neighborhood of the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber in Jerusalem on Tuesday, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Silwan said that the Israeli occupation forces demolished an under-construction house in the morning owned by Naeem Abu Dweih, amid heavy deployment of the Israeli occupation forces, and the closure of streets near the house obstructing the locals lives especially students and workers.

Naeem Abu Dweih explained to the center that the house had an area of 150 square meters that was built about two and a half months ago. After the completion of the outside construction, the municipality issued a decision to demolish it, and he went to the municipality and managed to postpone the demolition in an attempt to license his house.

He added that the municipality rejected the building permit and issued a decision to self-demolish it. He actually started to implement the decision and intends to complete the demolition during the upcoming days. He was surprised by municipal staff storming the house and proceeding to demolish it without prior warning.

He pointed out that the municipal staff threatened to impose a fine for the "demolition fee for crews and troops" worth between 100-120 thousand shekels.

Naeem intended to move to his home with his family of 12 individuals, mostly children, and it is noteworthy that the occupation municipality demolished a commercial facility for Naeem early this year under the same pretext.


In a related matter, the occupation forces assaulted the relatives of Abu Dweih and pushed them during the demolition operation. Three young men were injured with bruises and wounds, while one person was injured in his hand by a rubber bullet, according to family sources.

Demolishing a house in the village of Sur Baher

In the village of Sur Baher, crews from the Municipality of Beit El and Israeli occupation forces stormed Wad Al-Hummos neighborhood. The bulldozers started to demolish the house of Mohammad Hussein Abu Ter under the pretext of building without a permit and being too close to the racist separation wall.

Mohammad Abu Ter told the information center that the house was fully equipped and was ready for moving in. He was surprised by the incursion in the morning which came without prior notice and without allowing him to remove the furniture. He was also unable to reach the house due to the closures that accompanied the demolition.

Abu Ter added that the bulldozers demolished the 250-square-meter house, in addition to the surrounding walls, pointing out that municipal staff stormed his house last month and confiscated the electrical equipment and tools, and never informed him about a demolition order.

Abu Ter said that he began construction about a year ago and then the municipality issued a decision to demolish it. Through his lawyer, he headed to the relevant departments and managed to postpone the demolition.

Beit Hanina

The occupation bulldozers demolished two commercial facilities for Taha and Shkeirat families in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem; the facilities were established 2 years ago.

The affected families explained that the occupation authorities confiscated everything they had on their lands including building tools and equipment, and they also bulldozed the land and demolished a container.