Funeral processions of Martyr Abdel Rahman Abu Jamal
January 4, 2019


On Friday evening, Jerusalemites carried out the funeral processions of Martyr Abdel Rahman Abu Jamal 17, who was held in Israeli refrigerators for 45 days, in the village of Eastern Sawahreh, east of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the Israeli occupation authorities handed over the body of Abdel Rahman Abu Jamal to his family at "Mazmouriya" checkpoint south of Jerusalem. The body was then taken to Easter Sawahreh where the funeral processions were carried and he was buried amid chants praising the Martyr.

Abu Jamal was martyred on the 20th of last November, after he was killed inside the Jabal Al-Mukabber police station "O’z" located on the village's land. The occupation authorities claimed that Abu Jamal carried out a stabbing attack inside the center, which the family denied and said that he was going to buy milk from the grocery store; the police did not publish any recordings to provetheir claim. The family talked about the possibility of entering the police center which is surrounded by cameras and wires and fences without inspecting their son or even asking him about the reason of entering.

Conflicting news were released by Israeli authorities regarding the health of Abu Jamal after the injury. At first, they reported that he was slightly wounded, and then said that his injury was serious. A week later he was pronounced dead.