Subjected to beatings…releasing two young men and a girl from Hizma village
January 29, 2019


The Israeli occupation police released two young men and their cousin from the village of Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem, on Monday evening after being arrested and severely beaten.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the Israeli forces arrested Fatima Ahmed Askar, 17, and her cousins ​​Bashar and Amir Askar after storming their house.

"My cousin Fatima was on her way home from the Hizma checkpoint near us, and after the soldiers precisely checked her ID at the checkpoint, and after letting her go through, she was surrounded by a car in which undercover police officers were hiding”.Upon arrival at the house, the undercover officers stormed the place, trying to arrest her for no reason," said Amir Askar.

Amir added that the officers assaulted the people inside the house. They had verbal altercations with the members of the force, who initially refused to reveal their identities. They then arrested Amir, his brother Bashar and their cousin Fatima, and turned them over to Nabi Yaccoub police station. The police decided to release them after detaining and interrogating them for several hours. 

Amir Askar explained that they had suffered various bruises and ailments due to the beatings they were subjected to.