Silwan- Occupation authorities demolish a house and displace its residents…and issue an order to demolish another
January 30, 2019


The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished the house of Issa Ja'afra in the village of Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Issa Ja'afra explained that the bulldozers stormed his house, after they completely surrounded the house and closed the area around it, and deployed in the streets leading to it.

The family of Ja'afra, who has eight individuals, including five children, live in the 70 square meters’house. Ja'afra built it from wood, reinforced iron and plaster three years ago after the demolition of the family building in the same location.

The occupation’s municipality issued a decision to demolish the house of Ja'afra and gave him until the 27th of this month to carry out the demolition, but Ja'afra refused to demolish the house he built for the difficulty of self-demolition.

In a related context, the occupation’s municipality issued a decision to demolish the house of Majdi Abu Tayeh in Silwan.

Abu Tayeh told Wadi Hilweh Information Center that he had received a call from the municipality demanding that the contents of his house be emptied immediately, as the municipality bulldozers would demolish it on Wednesday.

Abu Tayeh added that he informed his lawyer of the municipality’s decision. He was himself to postpone the demolition through official authorities which gave him only two days to implement the demolition order.

Abu Tayeh explained that the house has been established for 4 years, with 6 people, including 4 children living in it; oldest is 7 years and the youngest 3 months.

Abu Tayeh pointed out that the municipality imposed a building violation fine worth NIS 55 thousand, and he was committed to making the monthly payments, but the municipality refused to license the house.