Pictures- A Jerusalemite self-demolishes part of his house in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber
February 1, 2019


On Friday morning, Mahmoud Omar Ja'afra self-demolished part of his house in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabberto avoid paying fines and demolition fees to the occupation municipality.

Mahmoud Omar Ja’afra explained that the Israeli municipality gave him until the fifth of this month to implement the decision of self-demolition, or he will pay the demolition cost for the "bulldozers and municipal crews and the accompanying police forces." He was forced to implement the decision despite its difficulty.

Ja'afra added that he demolished half the area of ​​his house. In 2016, he expanded the old building so that his sons and their families could live in the house. He tried to license the building, but the occupation authorities refused, and the municipality claims that the land is “green” where building is prohibited.