The Supreme Court rejects the appeal of the locals of Wad Yasoul neighborhood against demolishing their homes
April 14, 2019

The Israeli Supreme Court rejected on Sunday the "appeal" filed by homeowners in the Wad Yasoul neighborhood if Silwan against the decision to demolish and evict their homes.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center/ Silwan and the Wad Yasoul committee said in a joint statement that the Israeli Supreme Court "the highest Israeli judicial body" rejected their appeal against the decision of the District Court to demolish four houses in the neighborhood. Therefore, the Supreme Court approved the demolition of the houses and the displacement of nearly 20 people.

The center and the committee said in their statement that the residents of Wad Yasoul appealed to the Supreme Court three days ago, and the response was quick to reject it and approve the decision of the District Court.

Khaled Shweiki, a member of the defense committee for Wad Yasoul neighborhood, said that the occupation authorities and the courts, starting with the municipal court and then the District and Supreme courts, approved the demolition of houses in Wad Yasoul and not to convert the area into an area where construction is allowed, as the area is classified as “green", i.e. an open public area.

Shweiki added that the rejection of the appeal meant that the four demolition orders against homes belonging to Burqan, Al-Qaq and Kashur families are now effective. The demolition would be at any moment and would constitute an introduction to the demolition and removal of the entire Wad Yasoul neighborhood. All families are engaged in court disputes to license their existing homes, and have managed over the past years to freeze the demolition orders several times.

Shweiki added that nearly 400 people live in 84 houses in Wad Yasoul neighborhood.

He explained that the decision to demolish the Jerusalemites’ houses in the area, is met with the approval of the construction of settlement units in a plot of land in the area that was seized and controlled by Elad settlement association.

Shweiki confirmed that the residents of Wad Yasoul neighborhood have all the documents that prove their ownership of the land on which they have built their homes, which is about 50 Dunoms. However, the Israeli authorities plan to implement its plan called "Peace Forest”.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the residents of Wad Yasoul neighborhood have been trying for years to license their residential facilities and submitted building plans to the competent authorities in the light of the housing shortage in the area, but all their requests were rejected.