Extensions of arrests…conditional releases
May 9, 2019


The occupation authorities decided this morning to extend the arrest of two young Palestinians and to conditionally release an activist and a youth.

Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud said the court had decided to extend the arrest ofMunther Nasser and Mohammed Salaymehuntil tomorrow.

The court also decided to release the youth Moayed Salaymeh, on condition of a one-day house arrest, and a NIS 500 bail.

The occupation forces arrested the young men during their pursuit of Jerusalemites in the areas of Lions Gate and Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, coinciding with their departure from Al-Taraweeh prayer.

According to eyewitnesses, the Israeli occupation forces heavily fired sound grenades in the area of Damascus Gate and Al-Musrara Street and Sultan Suleiman Street and evacuated the area by force, and assaulted the worshipers and severely beat them in the area of Lions Gate.

The police also decided to release Murad Abu Shafe’, head of the committee for the defense of the land and real estate of Silwan, provided that he did not participate in any meetings or activities for a month.