Deporting four Jerusalemites from their residency...prison sentences
May 21, 2019

On Tuesday, the Israeli occupation court released four Jerusalemits, on the condition that they be deported from their homes in the village of Al-Tur in Jerusalem.

Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud said that the judge decided to release Amir Abu Jumaa, Mohammed Abu Jumaa, Muhannad Khweis and Mohammad Abu Jumaa, provided that they are deported from Al-Tur for one month, house-arrest until 3-6-2019, a personal bail and a third-party bail.

The judge also decided to release Khalid Shweiki on the condition of deportation from "Salah Al-Din and Sultan Suleiman" streets until 7-6-2019, and house-arrest until 3-5-2019.

On the other hand, the judge sentenced today the boy Mohammed Ghassan Jaradat from the village of Issawiya for a 200-hour course and a fine of 6 thousand shekels.

He was arrested last year and was released on condition of house-arrest and deportation from his place of residence. During the last period, the house-arrest conditions imposed on him were eased until the judge issued the verdict today. Lawyer Mahmoud explained that the prosecution demanded the imposition of the actual prison sentence on the boy Jaradat, and after hearing the deliberations, the judge decided to impose the fine and the course on his client.

The judge also sentenced the boy Imran Awewi for a 100-hour course and a fine of 2,400 shekels. The judge also extended the arrest of Haitham Mahmoud and Louay Mahmoud from the village of Issawiya until 27-6-2019.