A series of arrests in Issawiya…isolating three young men from Al-Aqsa Mosque
July 8, 2019

The occupation forces launched a series of arrests in the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem on Monday early morning.

Mohammed Abu Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, said that the intelligence and occupation forces stormed the village's neighborhoods and executed multiple arrests that lasted until the morning hours, as part of a "collective punishment campaign" practiced against the locals of Issawiya for the fourth consecutive week.

Abu Hummos said that the Israeli occupation forces stormed several houses in a provocative and barbaric manner, putting the residents especially women and children in a state of terror and fear.

The families of the detainees explained to the center that the Israeli forces blew up the doors of their homes, searched and destroyed them, and confiscated clothes.

Among the detainees were: Bara’a Mahmoud, Walid Obeid, Mohammad Ramzi Mheisen, Mohammad Zakaria Alayan, Ali Mohammad Mustafa, Yazan Ayman Obeid, Saleh Abu Asab and Majd Halaiqa.

The occupation forces arrested Ahmed Mohammed Darwish on Sunday, while he was heading to his home in the village.

They also arrested Malik Alqam, from Shu'fat refugee camp, while driving his motorcycle in Issawiya. He was assaulted and severely beaten.

On Sunday, Ahmed Anwar Jamjoom and Nassar Jamjoom were also arrested from Al-Aqsa Mosque; they are both from Issawiya.

Isolations from Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Israeli police isolated three youths from Al-Aqsa Mosque for two weeks.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the Israeli occupation forces released Ahmad Shawish, Ahmed Rukon and Ahmad Natsheh on condition of not entering Al-Aqsa for two weeks. They were arrested on Sunday night from Bab Al-Rahma chapel.