Issawiya- Arrests, injuries and demolishing the memorial of Martyr Obeid
July 10, 2019

On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two youths and injured 5 others during a raid on the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem.

The occupation forces destroyed and demolished the "memorial" of Martyr Mohammed Samir Obeid, and confiscated his pictures, Palestinian flags and banners from the courtyard of his home in Issawiya.

On the other hand, Mohammed Abu Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, said that the occupation forces stormed the Obeid neighborhood and proceeded to destroy the monument of the martyr Mohammed Samir Obeid, which was put in the place of his martyrdom and had the image of the martyr and the date of his martyrdom. The forces used hand demolition tools to demolish the monument, and then confiscated its stones, and during this process the forces prevented the locals from approaching the area.

Abu Hummos added that the soldiers raided the surrounding of the house and its courtyard, and attempted to storm the house but the family confronted them. They confiscated Palestinian flags, banners and a poster of the Martyr placed in front of his house, and also damaged his pictures. 

During the withdrawal of the occupation forces from Obeid neighborhood, they randomly fired sound grenades and rubber bullets. 

Abu Hummos said that the Israeli occupation forces assaulted young men, women and the elderly, beat and pushed them, and fired sound grenades at them and deliberately hit them, while storming the streets of the village. Four people were transferred to the clinic for treatment.

Abu Hummos said that Na'im Hamdan, 63, lost consciousness and was bruised after being severely beaten. He was also injured in his hand while trying to handcuff him by force knowing that he is diabetic. Three others suffocated after being sprayed with pepper gas.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Mus'ab Mheisen and severely beat him, injuring him with bruises and wounds. They also arrested Mohammed Abu Sbeih and transferred then to Salah Al-Din Street police station in Jerusalem.