Pictures and details- Biggest collective demolition operation…Demolishing 11 residential structures in Sur Baher
July 22, 2019

On Monday 22/7/2019, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished a total of 11 residential structures in Wadi Al-Hummos neighborhood in the village of Sur Baher, south of Jerusalem, on the pretext of "proximity to the security fence" which is established on the lands of the residents.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that the Israeli occupation forces stormed Wadi Al-Hummos area at dawn on Monday through the entrances of the village and through the "security road" which was built on the lands of Wadi Al-Hummos and divided its lands.The forces were deployed in all the streets, neighborhoods and entrances of the village, and turned the area into a closed military zone and prevented entry whether by vehicles, public buses and even on foot. Even residents were prevented from entering it, especially in the early morning hours.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the residential buildings, especially the inhabited houses, such as the building of Abu Hadwan and Obeidyeh, and assaulted the residents with pushing, beating and sprayed them with pepper gas. In the house of the family of Ismail Obeidyeh, the Israeli occupation forces fired rubber bullets and sound grenades inside the house to evacuate the residents by force. A close family member said that 10 people from the family were injured and were transferred to the hospital for treatment. One person was wounded in the head, and required stitches. Also, he suffered eye injuries after being beaten. In addition, the occupation forces arrested Mohammed Idris Abu Ter, the owner of the building, and released him on condition of being deported from the village for 3 days.

The Israeli occupation forces detained dozens of solidarity activists and owners of the structures after being taken out of the buildings, for several hours in the open, and then moved them a few meters away from the vicinity of the demolition.

Dozens of bulldozers, demolition machines and equipment implemented the demolition which led to the displacement of 24 individuals, half of them children.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center monitored the demolition of the following:

1. Ghalib Abu Hadwan’sBuilding of 2 floors "2 apartments, 3 shops and parking lots".

2. Ismail Obaidieh’s building of two floors.

3. Ali Khalil Hamada’s building of 3 floors.

4. Naim Msallam’sbuilding of two floors.

5. Alaa 'Amira.

6. Akram Zawahreh’sbuilding of 3 floors and a roof

7. Bilal Kiswani's house

8. Raafat Obaidat’sbuilding.

9. Jafar Abu Hamid’sbuilding.

10. Tariq Mahameed’s building, located in Wadi Al-Hummos behind the security road, "West Bank "

11. Mohammed Idris Abu Ter’s building / detonated, consisting of 9 floors, 5 floors were blown up.

Most of the buildings that were demolished today are located in Area A, which is under the authority of the Palestinian Authority according to the signed agreements, and is licensed by the Ministry of Local Government. However, the occupation authorities insist on demolishing it under the pretext of its proximity to the security fence.

Hamada, head of Wadi Al-Hummos neighborhood committee, said that the occupation authorities demolished 11 structures today. Two weeks ago, a Palestinian self-demolished a floor following an order by the occupation. Also, the occupation’s bulldozers demolished last month the foundations of 3 residential structures.

The Israeli Supreme Court issued a decision last month to demolish 16 residential buildings, after deliberations in the courts that lasted several months, as the occupation authorities insisted on the demolition of facilities on the pretext of security reasons.

The center explained that the demolition continued from 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 pm.Work was concentrated in the building of Abu Ter during these hours during which the walls of the upper floors were dug and explosives were planted inside.