Under the pretext of being sponsored by the Palestinian Authority- Preventing the commemoration of the late Ghosheh and Adela
August 5, 2019


On Monday afternoon, the occupation authorities prevented two memorial services for the Jerusalemite leader, the late Dr. Subhi Ghosheh and the athlete Ahmad Adela, in two different locations in the city of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the occupation forces and intelligence forces stormed the headquarters of Yabous Cultural Center and the YMCA simultaneously, evacuated those present from the two rooms and summoned a number of attendees and participants to investigate them at the Israeli police stations.

The center added that the Israeli occupation forces beat and assaulted those present in Yabous Center, where the commemoration of the late Ghosheh. Among those assaulted were members of his family, Jerusalemites and senior citizens. They also assaulted them while they were outside the hall, at the center’s entrance, and pushed them in an attempt to evacuate the street.

The center explained that the family of the late Ghosheh raised his image in the street, and religious figures and his family gave speeches condemning the prevention of the activity and the occupation’s pretext, stressing that the commemoration achieved its objectives in fulfillment of Dr. Ghosheh, who gave much to the city.

Ghosheh founded the Popular Struggle Front in the city of Jerusalem. He was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces and tried in its military courts. He was released and deported from the country because of his health condition in 1971. He traveled to Kuwait where he worked in the Ministry of Health until 1990, before moving to Amman where he opened his private clinic.

At the YMCA, the occupation authorities prevented the closing ceremony of the festival of the late Ahmed Adela, which was called by the "Qudsuna Association forSports Federations ", which included the honoring of Palestinian sportsmen.