Sadness in Ezaryeh village after the martyrdom of Nasim and injury of Mohammad
August 16, 2019

The village of Ezaryeh, east of Jerusalem, is in a state of sadness and shock after the martyrdom of one of its children and the critical injury of another.

In the house of Martyr Nasim Moukafih Abu Roumi (14 years), the walls were covered with the pictures of the martyr and Palestinian flags were raised in the yard of the house and his peers wore T-shirts with his image, while his father welcomed thepeople mourning him on the martyrdom of his child Nasim, who loved Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa a lot.

Abu Roumi explained that he learned of the martyrdom of his son from the Israeli intelligence that summoned him for investigationat Al-Zaytoona checkpoint, where he was officially informed of the matter. Regarding the releasing of the Martyr’s body, the officer told him: “You have to communicate with the Palestinian coordination office regarding this matter.”

Abu Roumi blamed the Israeli government for killing his son and executing him in cold blood. “After I was informed of my child's death, I returned and watched the videos of the Israeli police about the operation. Two little children among a group of trained policemen, murder with cold blood. bullets fired multiple time towards them while they are on the ground, they seek to scare our people and this is a systematic policy of the occupation in order to remove the Palestinian people from Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa."

Abu Roumi confirmed that his son Nasim witnessed the attacks and violations of the occupation, as the forces are always pursuing children while playing in Ezaryeh.

The court extended the arrest of the boy Mohammed Khader Al-Sheikh (16 years) until Saturday in an absentia session, because he lies in the intensive care in “Shaare Zedek” hospital.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Razan Jubeh, who was able to visit Mohammad in the hospital, said that Mohammed was lying in the intensive care unit, and was connected to medical equipment, and injured with multiple bullets under the heart, shoulder and multiple shrapnel.

The family of the injured boy explained that he was released last July, after spending his 8-month prison sentence on charges of throwing "Molotov cocktails" in the village of Ezaryeh.