Extensions of arrest…prison sentences…conditional releases
September 23, 2019


Judges of the Israeli occupation courts extended on Sunday the detention of Jerusalemites pending investigation, while others were released on condition of house-arrest.

Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud explained that the judges extended the arrest of Wassim Nayef Obaid, Rashad Abu Rayaleh, Mahmoud Dari, Dia’ Obaid, Ziad Ajlouni, Mohammed Fawzi Obaid, Alaa Obaid, Majdi Abu Tayeh, Alaa Abu Tayeh and Karim Qawasmi until 26/9/2019, and Issa Abu Rayaleh, Mohammad Adib Abu Hummos, Mohammad Rajab Obeid, Taha Obeid, Mohamed Tamer Mahmoud, Ali Jamal Bader, Akram Mustafa Wassim Dari until 25/9/2019, and Sultan Sarhan until 24/9/2019

The judges decided to release Sami Abu Hummos with a third party bail, and Yousef Hazinehand Malik Abu Sneineh on condition of house-arrest until 27/9/2019 and a NIS 1000 bail, while Mustafa Abu Al-Hawa was released with a NIS 750 bail.

The court judge sentenced Adham Za’tari to 11 months in prison, Mahdi Abu Asab for 10 months, Ahmad Salaymeh for 7 months, Mohammad Sweiti for 10 months, and fined Tamer Darwish NIS 500.