The injured Ali Taha...easing the house-arrest conditions...or extending the suffering!!!
September 24, 2019

The judge of the occupation court postponed last Tuesday the hearing scheduled for the Jerusalemite boy Ali Bilal Taha until the end of October, while extending the house-arrest imposed on him.

Ali's father, Bilal Taha, told Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the judge postponed the hearing until late next month.

The conditions of his release were eased as the judge transferred him to house arrest in Shu'fat refugee camp.

He was previously under house arrest in his uncle's house in Beit Hanina since last July. The boy, Ali Taha, suffers from a difficult psychological situation, because of his deportation from his house on one hand, and because of his suffering and severe pain in his foot after he was shot by the Israeli occupation forces at the military checkpoint of Shu'fat refugee camp on 2/7/2019. He was arrested then, and is still receiving medical treatment and follow-up.

His father explained that Ali was critically injured in the leg, where the bullet penetrated his leg, and if not for the kindness of God it would have been amputated. He underwent several therapeutic and cosmetic surgeries during the last period and implanted platinum, and the iron bars are still installed on his leg.

The father explained that his son was arrested on the day of the injury, and was severely beaten at the checkpoint and inside a room.

After being transferred to the hospital and undergoing surgery, he remained under restrictions despite his inability to move.

Things remained the same and several hearing sessions in absentia were held for him until the judge issued a decision to release him on 9/7/2019 on condition of "deportation from his house and house arrest", and to pay a cash bail, in addition to signing bails to ensure commitment to the releasing conditions.

The family's suffering and pain did not stop when Ali was arrested and injured, but the Israeli authorities withdrew his mother's “permit” to enter Jerusalem as she holds a West Bank ID card, and was banned from visiting him in Beit Hanina during his deportation period.