Releasing the governor and Minister of Jerusalem...Deportations from Issawiya...Extensions of arrest
September 25, 2019

The Israeli police released on Wednesday the governor and Minister of Jerusalem and 10 Jerusalemites that were arrested from the village of Issawiya. Wadi Hilweh information center learned that the Israeli intelligence released the governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith and the Minister of Jerusalem Fadi Hidmi.

The Israeli forces stormed their houses in Silwan and Al-Sawanah neighborhood.They arrested Fadi while giving the governor's family a summon for investigation because he was not at home. Deportations from Issawiya The Israeli occupation courts deported 5 youths from the village of Issawiya until 3/10/2019 and imposed house arrest on them. They are: Mohammed Abu Hummos, Basil Dirbas, Ali Bader, Mohammed Mahmoud, and Sufian Mahmoud. The court also set a NIS 400 bail for each.

On Wednesday, the court released Haron Mheisen, Akram Mustafa, Wassim Dari, HamzehnAbu Rayaleh and Issa Abu Rayaleh on condition of house-arrest for periods between 4-5 days, and bails of NIS 300-400. Prison sentence .

The judge sentenced Eyad Obeid for 10 months in prison, and a suspended probation of 6 months for 3 years. Extensions of arrest The judge of the occupation court extended the arrest of Mohammed Awad until Sunday, and the police extended the arrest of Yaccoub Dabbagh, Hisham Bashiti, Khader Ajloni, Mohammed Jawad Abu Rammouz, Omar Saleh Abu Sneineh and Malek Jawdat Abu Sneineh until Thursday