Expelling the Imam and preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque…extending the arrest of 4 women
October 16, 2019


The Israeli occupation authorities expelled on Wednesday the Imam and preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Ismaeel Nawahda, from Al-Aqsa for 11 days.

Sheikh Nawahda was arrested while passing through Qalandia military checkpoint, and was transferred for investigation regarding the Friday noon prayer sermon “Khutba” at Al-Aqsa Mosque in which he called on Muslims to be stationed in Al-Aqsa and defend it against the incursions of settlers.

In a related matter, the occupation police arrested Rawah Badir while she was near Al-Qishleh police station in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The police extended the arrest of Aida Sidawi, Madeline Issa, Hanadi Halawani until Thursday. They were arrested from the area of Al-Silsileh gate in the Old City.